3 easy ways to validate your App idea

These days, being in the app business is a promising opportunity. Until recently, Apple has paid 50 billion $ to app developers and the figure is only set to increase with the growth of smartphone sales. Hence it is a no-brainer that today building an app business is lucrative.

But not everyone can build a business overnight. All businesses start with an idea, an idea that has found it’s right place, time and people. The same applies to building apps. You have this idea for an amazing app, but before you get to building it, it is important to know if there is a market for it. At TADCO, having built several successful apps for clients, we share with you, our method for validating app ideas for our clients.

Research Similar Apps

This is the first place where you can get started. Once you have an app idea, look for similar ideas. Go to the app store, and look for competing apps. Don’t be discouraged if you see an app idea doing exactly what you wanted. See what they have done correct, and what makes them tick. Check for negative reviews and note down what they don’t like in the app. Maybe these are things you could improve with your app?

Ask Potential Users

It is a great idea to ask your potential users if they would actually want and pay for the app idea that you have in mind. When trying to ask users, there are many ways you can go about it – Here are a select few :

1) Landing Pages :

Using a service like Launchrock – create a landing page and detail what your app does. May be it is a scheduler or an utility app. The idea is that users who are interested in your app, will drop their email. You can now reach out to your potential users and use them as a sounding board for your ideas. Try to market this page via FB or Google ads.

2) Twitter :

If you have a good following on Twitter, create a poll and ask people about the value it would bring to their lives. If an overwhelming amount of people give favourable answers to what you say – chances are you have a good idea on your hands. You can use sponsored ads to promote your tweet.

3) Go offline :

Sometimes your users may not be on a social network, so try to reach them out on a meet up. Go to local relevant meetups, explain your idea and seek feedback from users. And thank them genuinely for their time, so you build good relationships, which will result in more promotion for you.

Look for Demand

It is a known rule that where there is demand, there will always be a business for it. On the internet, use a tool like Google’s Keyword planner ( https://adwords.google.com/home/tools/keyword-planner/ ) Try to search for words in your targeted area, and user base. It will show you a volume of searches. This can be sometimes really helpful in seeing if there is a demand for your app or not.

Now that we have shared with you how you can validate your app ideas, we hope you take these tips and see if your app idea has a demand. Looking for an app development team to help you with your app development.