4 Tips to increase downloads for your iOS App

So you have built your iOS app and it has been doing well in the app store. However with time, you find your app not performing as well as you had expected. With almost 1000+ apps released every day, it becomes increasingly hard to stay on top of charts and find new users for your app.

At TADCO, having delivered apps which have consistently had high downloads, we understand a trick or two about how to position your iOS app to get more downloads. Looking to increase downloads for iOS apps? Read on about 4 ways how you can do so :

Build Extension apps

Apple offers the ability to develop apps for Apple Watch as well as apps for Apple TV. Apart from this, you can also develop extension apps such as iMessage sticker packs. The benefit of such a strategy is that, while there aren’t many users who use Apple Watch / Apple TV as compared to users of iPhone, Apple Watch users see your apps on top of the app store. This is also because there aren’t many apps offering the extension for Apple Watch / Apple TV.

Apple also highlights apps that support watch and TV extensions in the app store. This results in increased users for you, who go on to spread news about your apps to fellow watch enthusiasts.

Search Ads

Starting in iOS 10, Apple has launched Search Ads. If you sign up for a developer account today – you also get a $100 credit in Search ads. These ads allow you to place your ads for your apps on a competitor’s keyword, so that you can get their audience when they search for your competitors.

Native Features

From time to time, Apple launches new features. For ex : Some of the new features that Apple launched in recent years was fingerprint security, 3D Touch and bigger screens. When a new feature is released, app Developers usually have some time to adapt their apps to these new features – so when the beta is launched, their apps have these features inbuilt.

Building such native features, and being the first to support it, gets the attention of Apple, who can then feature you in their app store promoting their features as well as you.

Follow the HIG

Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines is a set of design guidelines to follow when developing Apple apps. It is well known that Apple pays great detail of attention to design, and hence from time to time Apple awards the Best Designed Apple app to deserving apps.

If you have an app, ensure that you put a lot of effort into designing apps beautifully and pay close attention to detail. This usually gets Apple’s eyes, as well as other users and gets you more downloads.

Apart from these tips, you can always theme your app around major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving so that you can get your app featured on the App Store. At TADCO, we have worked closely with clients to get their app featured on app store. Want to work with us? Contact us today.