4 ways to market your app effectively

According to a study by comScore, the average smartphone user downloads 20-30 apps on average, but uses only 4-6 apps on a regular basis. It is increasingly becoming difficult to capture users attention in this attention-fickle world.

At TADCO, our team has built many successful apps for clients and we understand that it’s not only great code that makes apps successful but a consistent marketing effort that brings users back to your app. Today, we will share with you a few marketing tips to help make your app successful.

Market before Launch

Even before you have your product ready, set up social media accounts and start following users in your target area. Start offering tips and tweet topics interesting to them and core to your app, so you get a social media following before your app is launched. This will help you build an audience that you can have access to when your app launches.

A good practice to do on such accounts would be to hold giveaways, share screenshots of your app or make engaging content. Don’t underestimate the power of engaging content, as it will get users to follow you, and ultimately download your app.

Build a Landing Page

Only 30% of users would ever find you through the app store. The rest of the users will find you through the Internet. Rather than letting app stores dictate how your app’s first impression should be, create an impeccable first impression by creating a great landing page.

Using a landing page gives you the freedom to display your app features in creative ways, show videos, display users testimonials and collect e-mails – all of which are not doable in app store.

Besides having a Landing page also gives you great SEO advantage over your competition.

Manage Beta Users

Once you have a set of beta users through the above methods, engage them by sharing your app in beta stage. Write them a personal email and ask them if they would be interested in checking your app. Users love exclusivity, and when they are treated like royalty, they would go on and talk to their friends about your app.

Invest in a good beta users management service like Testfairy which allows you to see your app from a beta user’s perspective. This allows you to get feedback as well as opportunity to catch any issues with your app in the beta stage.

Reach out to Bloggers

Once your app is launched, reach out to bloggers, whose articles your user base reads. Have a market kit ready, and highlight the features of your app so bloggers can grasp your app quickly. If it is a paid app, ensure that you hand out promo code for the bloggers to try it out.

When an article appears in a website, your target users will flock to your app and download it. Ensure that you thank the bloggers for their article, and reach out to them on a regular basis, so that they cover you the next time you have a major update to be written about.

If you consistently follow the above tips, along with a great idea, you end up building a community that buzzes about your app.

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