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With it’s inception in 2008, Android has worked it’s way up to grabbing the lion’s share of Smartphone market. Today Android has almost 90% of the entire smartphone market, and with costs getting lower, Android is going to capture more share. It is important that if you are looking to build a mobile app, you should offer it on Android, as it has more than 1 billion + devices which is a huge market to tap into.

At TADCO, we have a team of expert Android developers who help companies build awesome Android apps.

The meteoric growth of Android device sales over the past number of years coupled with the increased use of Android-based smartphones in the world means that Android is now a real competitor to Apple’s iOS. Android app development is the first choice for many, especially since there are more Android devices in the world than iPhone. The App Development Company’s team of Android app developers has years of experience in building rock solid Android apps for phones and tablets.

We offer native Android app development services to individuals and businesses looking to release their first app or upgrade an existing piece of software. We build our native apps from scratch using the latest design trends and technologies. We believe that understanding the brief and exactly what the client is trying to achieve with the Android app is key to its success and we never apply a cookie-cutter approach. Our Android app developers create ground-breaking, forward thinking and unique applications which helps build brand awareness for our clients. We employ the best Android app developers to build mobile applications that are scalable, rock-solid and with unrivalled UI in the marketplace. Our focus is on consistently creating high-end, sleek, functional, customised Android apps.

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If you are searching for mobile app designers or developers than look no further than TADCO. We go above and beyond, taking that extra step for our clients to ensure we deliver high quality apps that don’t break the bank.


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Stunning, Functional Android App Design 

Our Android app designers really love their work and it shows. We are perfectionists when it comes to app design, not only because we love design but because we know that creating amazing, polished Android apps is really what makes an app stand out from the crowd. Our highly-experienced team of creative and innovative App Designers focused on Android App Development will help your business go mobile and tap into a new source of revenue in the app marketplace.

If you are looking for affordable Android app development services then we can help. Our incredibly talented app designers coupled with our affirmable pricing is really what sets us apart from other Android app development companies.

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From Smartwatches to Smart TVs

Today, Android runs not only on huge devices like Smart TV’s, but also on minor devices like smartwatches. They also run on washing machines, refrigerators and a host of other devices. We are experts at developing Android apps for all kinds of devices, so that no matter where your audience is, you reach them on a device closest to them.


Android devices are known for the high amount of security attacks they are usually put through. As such, your application and your users data is always under a constant threat. When you work with us, we deploy the latest security protocols which ensure that your app is secure and never compromised by hackers. Our team has 7+ years of building enterprise grade Bank applications, and proven expertise in secure Android app development

Material Design

Android was late to the design game, and this reflects in it’s old versions, where the design was not upto the mark. But with latest versions, Android and Google have raised up the bar with the introduction of Material Design. Our team of UI and UX developers are well versed with Material design, and know just which color pallette to use while building your app. This results in beautiful and engaging app for your users, who come back to use your app again and again, thereby raising revenue.

Data, Data, Data!

With terabytes of data being generated every day, data has become the new oil. Android gives access to a lot of user’s data such as call logs, and SMS – so we can accurately map the profile of your user. Having built 80+ Android apps, we are well versed with how you can use this data responsibly without violating user’s privacy and to your best advantage.

Client focused – high quality Android app design and development.

We specialise in Android App Design

We create visually stunning custom Android apps. Here’s the process:

  • Firstly we analyse business objectives and goals, then we design flow and the user interface
  • Development of the mobile application followed by Beta testing under various environments
  • Launch finished app to app stores


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