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API’s, or Application Programming Interface, are at the core of creating rich web or mobile applications. API’s act as the layer between your web or mobile apps and your database. Popular web and mobile apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp run smoothly because of their API services that keep running in the cloud. If you are looking to develop apps on native platform for Android as well as iOS, API’s can help you sync data between devices no matter which device the user uses. At TADCO our team are experts in building API’s.

Standards and versioning

As you keep on releasing new features, you may find your users may not be able to update to your new versions because they own old phones. At times like this it’s not fair to penalise them by discontinuing service for them, you just create new versions of API for new users and keep the old versions intact. We are well versed with versioning your API systems in a proper manner, so that any app developer wanting to access your data can do so with ease.

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API Development From Start to Finish

Scaling: Your app has hit it off with the users and your marketing campaign has kicked off very well. Now you have a huge list of users coming and using your app day in day out. You wouldn’t want users to be subjected to any errors when they use your app. At TADCO our experts use Amazon AWS, Azure and Heroku cloud services to set up and scale your API based on the realtime load. This means you pay for only when the traffic is high and pay low when users are not using the app. Our expert cloud team has built scaling strategy for startups and Fortune 500 clients.

Backend dashboard: Once you have set up your API’s and users start to trickle in, our custom API services come with a free backend dashboard that allows you to monitor every aspect of your app, right from usage to daily signup. Our custom analytics dashboard tracks everything from users’ average session time to location and devices used.
With this amount of data you can now be confident in making business decisions and deploying it with us.

A/B Testing:
Building API’s allows you to easily A/B test different mobile screens and display it to your users. Once you see a certain amount of return in one test, you can enable that. Our custom API development services allow this without the need to submit the app to the app store.

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