Where to Begin?

You believe you have a killer app idea that you know will become the next big app, but you don’t know how exactly to proceed along the path. Does this sound familiar to you? If yes, then you have come to the right place. TADCO is one of Ireland’s fastest growing mobile application development agencies, and we help clients bring their killer app ideas to life. Using state-of-the-art tools and agile best practices, we ensure that your apps are pixel perfect and make sure it becomes successful in every aspect. Because in your success, lies our success.

Do I know enough? How do things work? These are just some of the questions you might have running on your mind if you have an app, which you want to get developed. If you are new to the app development business it is easy to get confused about making decisions. When do you hire a designer? Is an app development team really needed? What is the process involved? Fear not as we will explain to you the whole process of creating an app from start to finish so that you will have a better understanding of the various stages, as well as the outcomes you can expect from them.

Free Consultation

It can be quite a challenge to find the right person or team to take on your project. Many are willing but not all will have the skills needed. Before you hire an individual or a team, you want to have an initial consultation with them, whether personal or through phone. You need to clearly define what it is you want them to do and what it is you expect from them. You need to feel comfortable working with them and you need to ensure that they are a good fit for their project.

For every app project, we start with a free consultation. This session is used by us to understand your vision and strategy behind the app. We listen intently to the goals you have with this app, and note it down. We then, get back to you with a solution on how we can go about building your app.

Seal the Deal

Once you like our solution, it’s now time to seal the deal. We write formal contracts as well as sign NDAs so that only you have access to the intellectual property arising from this agreement. This is also the time when we discuss the cost. We offer costing based on fixed price as well as time and material model as well. Our rates provide some of the best value in the industry for the high quality we provide.

UX / UI Process

Our UX and UI experts now join hands together and create prototypes initially to sketch out your app. Wireframing refers to the visual architecture of what will go on each page of the app and how all the pages are linked together. It’s critical to define the full scope of the project so you will know how everything works. Once we feel we have reached a satisfactory level and after the visual architecture is defined, it is time to start the design phase where we build the UI design for your app. This is when high-resolution .psd files are created, as well as mock-ups of what the app will look like once it is created. Your app starts taking shape in the form of graphic design. Once you approve the design and the colour palettes, it’s on to the next step.


With the design done, our developers now get started on the coding and start building the application. During the development stage, there must be constant updates between the client and developer or the team of developers. On a regular basis, our developers release builds for you and the QA team to test. Development and testing is a process that continues to ensure your app is of the highest quality.

QA Team / Testing

User testing is done after the app is finished and before the app is released to the public. The app is tested under various environments and conditions to ensure that it is not released with  crashes or bugs. This is also to ensure that users will be comfortable using the app. Our Quality Assurance team tests the app on various target devices and approaches the app from a new user’s perspective. This enables us to build apps that are engaging, and provide a smooth workflow. Any bugs are caught in this stage and sent back to the development board to fix.


Once you are satisfied with the app’s work so far, it is now time for you to launch your app. We work closely with you to set up marketing articles, landing pages and generate buzz around your app’s launch. Publishing your app to the app store can take some time. Apple, for example, manually reviews app submissions and may ask for some changes before launching an app. We help you with uploading app to the app stores and get it in the hands of users.

Post Launch Support

Our work does not end after the launch. We work closely with you to ensure that the app is working as intended and does not crash under loads of users. We offer a free 30-day bug fixing window under which we fix all bugs free of cost.

Looking for an end to end Irish development agency for mobile application development? Look no further than TADCO Apps. Contact us today to get a free consultation session.

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