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They say change is the only constant. In the technology world, your apps and tech stack can get pretty outdated and obsolete within a few months. Staying on old technology is not only a security risk but also stops you from building great features that may be possible only with new technologies.

Do you have an app that you are looking to modernise or move to the cloud? Look no further than TADCO. We are a team of expert web developers and cloud experts who take old and obsolete applications and modernise them. Not only that, but we also set up strategy to move it to the cloud and chalk out a scaling strategy for you.

Responsive apps

When your web app was developed, perhaps responsive apps were not even a thing. But with the modern day user visiting your app on a smartphone, you have decided it’s time to make it responsive. Responsive web apps ensure that your websites scale properly to display on mobile phones as well as tablets. Our designers are well versed with responsive frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation frameworks and use these tools to create high quality responsive designs.

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Building New Features

With new versions of the platform, your app does not have support for new features. Like on an iOS app today, 3D Touch, fingerprint locking are thought of as must-have features. A few versions back, these features did not even exist. Adapting these new features means more app installs and higher user satisfaction. Also when you add new platform specific features, Apple and Google highlight your apps thereby driving downloads. At TADCO Apps our team is well versed in building apps for iOS and Android and can work on your existing code base to add new features in an agile manner.

Move to Cloud
Your old app used to face a lot of issues and shut down under high load. It’s time now for you to harness the power of cloud and move your application to the cloud. We chalk out a scaling strategy that will take care of all your hosting and load issues. So the next time a lot of users end up on your site don’t worry, we have got you covered with our teams 10+ years of experience working with the cloud.
Are you fed up with performance issues of your current app? Does your app look like it was built in the 90’s? At TADCO we give apps a facelift using the best and reliable technologies. Contact us today to get a free consultation.

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