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Cocos2D suits companies that decide to build games and interactive apps that are 2D, developed with the C++ programming language, JavaScript, C# and Lua, and can be played on both Android and iOS mobile technologies, as well as across all the main operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). It uses the graphics API OpenGL ES, which can improve the gaming apps performance across any device. Because it’s an open source, cross-platform software framework, it’s free to use and has a vast library of resources. Games developed on this framework include Clash of Kings and Badland.

There are a lot of forums and community support for developers, users and UX developers because it is open source. Because of this, bugs are easily and quickly fixed due to the amount of people with access to the framework. The source code is also open to be viewed which can help our developers make the necessary changes and add-ons for your game. Due to the large community, new and updated features are added regularly so you can rest assured when you leave your app idea and plan with TADCO, that our developers will utilise these resources to develop an outstanding 2D desktop or mobile app game.

The API framework provides a long list of features, including particle and animation effect, scene management and OpenAL audio libraries. It’s also very easy to add external modules along with the code to the game like ad modules or social media modules. This is due to the Cocos2D Software Development Kit (SDK) box.

TADCO is devoted to designing and delivering the correct and thought out UI for your 2D game. We ensure all our client requirements are met by providing you with a vast number of features available on the Cocos2D platform and then relaying these features to what you want in the game. We will also always take our client’s budget into account and ensure that you get the most of the game features in a cost-effective way. Because of the nature and development of the platform, we can develop games that will work on both Android and iOS, meaning you can release to both the App store and Play Store. We always strive to make the games stand out from competition, from the idea concept right through to the Graphical User Interface and how the app looks in the App Store or Play Store.

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Our experienced and enthusiastic developers have a keen interest in developing games in this area. They are knowledgeable in many programming languages and are used to developing games on this framework. Even after building robust and enjoyable games for your customers, we will continue to provide post-launch support for your gaming app to ensure the product still works as it should and cater to your customers and app users.

The Cocos2D SDK is an Open Source framework, so it’s available for free and you don’t need to worry about paying extra costs for licensing fees. If you want to enhance your game even more, you can build in third party libraries. We will sit down with you before development starts to see what else can be added to make your game even better. It is lightweight and runs quickly, so if there are any bugs they are quickly fixed by the large community so you don’t have to worry about features taking too long to load or any issues with parts of the game.

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