Deep linking your mobile apps

Deep Linking is the process of using a link to redirect a user to a specific page or an action inside your app. On the web, it is generally easy to do this with simple links, but with mobile it was generally not possible until now.

While it took almost a decade for mobile apps to get into the deep linking architecture, it has now been a robust and consistent workflow across all platforms. You can use deep links for various purposes like redirecting inactive users to a specific offers or users in a specific area to something interesting happening around them. In this article we run you through why deep linking matters in mobile apps today.

Improve User Usage

According to this article in TechCrunch, users who were deep linked engaged more with the app. Contextual deep linking has always been a good way for marketers to engage with the users.

In this day and age, when people use no more than 4-5 apps on a daily basis, it becomes very important to grab their attention on a daily basis. If you sent relevant links as well as a contextual message to your target users, chances are they will click the notification or ad and will reach the screen where you directly wanted them to be.

Imagine sending a notification to your user for a great deal via push notifications, and as soon as users click on them – they are directed to the payment page with everything already added in the cart. This saves user’s time as well as increases engagement for you.

Become more discoverable

Search engines like Google and Bing index deep links. This means your app’s content and internal pages, which were not searchable before now, can show up in search engine results pages. Users searching for similar content will now be directly sent to a specific page inside your app, or to the app store link if they don’t have the app installed.

No more continuing to fight with websites who have better SEO than you. Deep links ensure that mobile apps are on the same footing as websites.

Run Effective Marketing Campaigns

Since deep links also pass data along, you can always use them to see which of your marketing campaigns have yielded more ROI (return on investment). Say you had a mobile app and marketed via email as well as SMS, using two different deep links. You can now with certain tools find out, which campaign performed better.

While Deep Links are a better tool to reach your users, you have to use it with caution and ensure it works perfectly fine on all devices. At TADCO we can help clients with running marketing campaigns with pre built deep links. Contact us today to discuss about your app idea.