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A recent survey showed that almost 80% of employees today use their personal smartphones for work related activities. Supporting a wide array of devices and platforms is becoming increasingly important for companies today. Enterprise Mobility is a set of practices that allows companies to be more productive using mobile technologies. And as more workers buy smartphones, the demand for Enterprise Mobility is only going to increase from here.

At TADCO our team has worked with companies, from startups to Fortune 500 clients, to deploy their Enterprise Mobility strategy.

Mobility Management

Mobile devices can be lost or stolen from your employees. It can be a nightmare if they have access to company secrets if this happens. Our Mobility Management Solution allows companies to provision devices, with the power to remote wipe data should any of your employees ever lose their phones anytime. Got an existing IT department? We would love to work with existing IT departments to audit, as well as put in new processes to keep you up to date with new threat attacks.

Increased Productivity

The right data handed down to the right people at the right time, can enable your employees to be highly productive. Employees can now respond from wherever they are and don’t have to wait till they physically reach the office. This converts into faster decisions and faster results, thereby turning into higher revenues.

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Improved Customer Experience

With your customers now on mobile, Enterprise Mobility allows you to reach out to them on the platform they know the best. Thanks to Enterprise mobility, you can now onboard customers through your entire sales channel with just a touch. We have customised solutions, ranging from Customer Experience Apps to eCommerce inventory order apps, that ensure your entire process go through mobile.

Easy Integration
Our customised solutions plug into any of your existing CRM’s, ERP’s and apps. No more tedious custom software development cycles when you can just plug and play from our 100+ solutions. Our systems then bridge the data and send it to your systems,which then help you do better and more powerful analysis.
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