First Impressions Last: Making App Store Videos

For the majority of your users, your app’s video is going to be the first thing they see about you. When you go to Apple or Google’s app store, the first thing you see about an app is it’s video. While not many users might watch your app video due to bandwidth concerns, the users who watch it and then download your app are the ones who matter to you.

It is these users who create a high lifetime value for your app, as they have analysed your app well before downloading it. Also besides better metrics, app store videos also give a good impression to your users. Are you convinced about using video to represent your app? In this article, we highlight a few tips to optimise your app’s video.

Keep it short, Keep it simple

Users on mobiles are short on time, and on bandwidth. Do not make a tutorial video on how to use your app. It is something to be pursued via in-app tutorials. The app video is something that has to show the special features of your app. While Apple has a hard limit of 15-30 seconds, Google lets you keep anything for your video format. But regardless of the time limit, ensure that your app video is short as many users won’t stick to the end of your app video.

Engaging videos that use text and show the app in action convinces your users.

Turn up the music

App videos without background music just sound dull and seem lifeless. Using a few open source music sites, get good background music that works in sync with your app’s preview. When users encounter peppy or upbeat music it makes them feel inclined to download the app by more than 50%, research shows!

Choosing the perfect cover

When the user lands on your app page the first thing they see is a thumbnail of the video. While you can choose this on Apple, on Google Play Store you can embed Youtube videos. Both these services offer you to keep a thumbnail or a cover for your video.

This is where you can get creative. Rather than putting a random screenshot from your app, put up something that will make the user inquisitive about the app video.

Quality Content

Last but not least, make the video all about content. If you are building a game focus on showcasing your gameplay and the graphics. If you are building a non-game app focus on the usage and situations where it can be used.

An app video is a great place to tell users about your app in a short but sweet way. At TADCO, we work with a team of talented video editors to ensure you have a great first impression on your apps. Talk to us today, and let’s discuss how we can address your app needs.