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Statistics show that by 2024, revenue in the Video Games segment will amount to €106m. 1.55 million people in Ireland play eGames, from mobile to online games and also through gaming networks. With this huge Irish audience, now is the perfect time to pitch your gaming idea and develop amazing features to stun your audience. TADCO works with advanced technologies: Cocos2D-JS, Three.JS, Unity, HTML5, Cocos2D-x & JavaScript framework to create best selling game apps for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Web & Facebook.

Our Expertise Spans These Gaming Genres

Chart topping mobile game designers

Our game development services span beyond iOS and Android mobile apps, in that we also develop games for PC, Mac, Web and Facebook. If your gaming idea seems too big or small, we’ve probably created something in line with your idea in the past and are happy to discuss any and all gaming ideas you have. Our developers are skilled in Unity, Cocos2D-JS, Three.JS, HTML5, Cocos2D-x & JavaScript framework.

Remember those old games you used to play every summer at your beach arcade? Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Pinball and Asteroid?! Well, now you can build on these old-school favourites and develop them in app form.

Arcade games are typically simple in navigation, have limited controls and have a straightforward gaming process. The game keeps progressing and speeds up once you don’t die, but there are no levels. Think of people who are sitting at a bus stop and want to pass away the time; interesting graphics and a simple premise can be the foundations of an encapsulating arcade app!
Do you have an idea for a wonderful game that boosts brain power, stimulates creativity and is entertaining? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to bring your current employees together on their lunch break, or your child is a great solver of puzzles.

At TADCO, no puzzle app is too complicated for us to decipher. We like to think about what popular board games are on the market at the time, and see what entices customers to buy these. Challenging, interesting and rewarding puzzles draw the player in, but a key part to this process is also developing a game that gets downloads from the offset. Our marketing and UI design ensures your puzzle app reaches the right people and keeps them captivated by the puzzle’s mystery.
Strategy video games allow players to achieve victory through making decisions that are uninfluenced by other players, and through planning and mapping out steps that will allow the player to gain a competitive advantage. They generally consist of lots of challenges through situational awareness, and developing tactics and skills so the player can advance through the game.

Strategy games let players become a general or commander of sorts. If you have a fantasy warfare game or idea that enables the player to outthink their opponents, we would be thrilled to take this task onboard and map out a world and user interface that compels players to put their strategy hats on.
Endless running games allow the player to progress quickly through varying landscapes and backgrounds to keep beating their previous or highest score. Players can typically run up and down paths, collect coins or varying collectibles and avoid obstacles in order to pursue their highest score.

Because of their fast pace, curious obstacles and simple background content, endless games can be easy to develop. Do you have an idea that trumps the decade’s most downloaded mobile app “Subway Surfers”?
Educational games encompass word, mathematics, puzzles, reading, counting, coding, writing and many more subjects. What with iPads and computers being integrated into more education systems, now is the perfect opportunity to develop an educational app that you feel could benefit both children and adults alike. Learning can be taken to a whole new level for children as they experience education through fun and immersive experiences.

Educational apps open up a new world of opportunity for those who may struggle with speech or sight problems. Educational apps can also enhance teaching for adults who need faster and optimised systems for them to create lesson plans or deal with various learning situations for school children.
What with the advent of AR and AI taking off online and through esport games, now is the perfect time to develop a sports app for your customers.

We’ll discuss with you how to take this sport to an even higher and more exciting level for the player, through customer and player analysis to find out why they’re driven to play or take part in that sport. Be it betting games, fantasy sports or sports highlights and predictions, we can develop personas that best target your ideal customers.
Card games are a relatively simple application to design. What it really boils down to is the challenge you have created and how the players can execute their cards.

Setting a solid foundation for the game allows us to develop from the ground up, with a clean and catchy user interface and reliable AI opponent.
We ensure the opponent is tested from early on to ensure the rules stand and to prevent any errors or glitching during the game.
Who doesn’t love a good trivia game to play with your loved ones at Christmas, or on a long car journey?! Whether this is just for entertainment purposes or to release to the masses, a trivia game can prove to be fun and interesting to develop. If you have a backlog of riveting questions that you’ve wanted to turn into a game, why not get in touch to put the wheels in motion.

Trivia games can also tie in with educational content and can allow for players to develop a rapport with your brand as your games are educational and engaging.

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Mobile Game Development

iOS Game Development

If you know you want to develop a game solely for Apple’s iOS, here at TADCO we can cater to that.

iPhone game developers

Android Game Development

Android is a great place to start for those with less gaming experience as the interface isn’t complicated.

Android Game developers

HTML5 Game Development

There are many benefits to designing games in HTML5

HTML5 game developers

UI/UX Game Design

We have an awesome team of UI and UX designers creating experience your users want.

Game Designers

Unity 3D Game Development

Unity is a cross-platform 2D and 3D engine and framework that can be used to design games, as well as app UX layouts in 2D, 2.5D (a mix of both 2D and 3D) and 3D. 

Unity game develoeprs

Cocos2D Game Development

TADCO is devoted to designing and delivering the correct and thought out UI for your 2D game.

Cocos 2D game developers

Our Game Development Process

After gathering the necessary requirements to envisage what your game will look like, our game development process looks a little something like this:

1. Draw the game storyboard, which involves character creation and scene setting

2. We choose a game development standard and programming language for the overall game design, as well as pick our graphics standard and begin character and setting environment.

3. Once we’ve chosen the code and environment, it’s time to start game development! We build out the levels and scenes, the menus and overall game user interface.

4. Once the game is designed, we begin testing for bugs and errors.

5. We then publish, or deploy your game to the relevant platform(s).


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