How To Choose The Right App Developer To Work With

Developing a software app involves a lot more than simply putting your ideas down on paper and transferring them to coding logic. Finding someone who is familiar with your industry and is invested in your idea, ways of thinking and practices is pivotal to getting a fully functioning app onto the app store – error free and by the set deadline.

We discuss three factors that will aid you in finding the perfect app developer.

Pick a Developer You Get Along With and Trust

You’ll be working with developers through deadlines and under pressure, so getting along is imperative. Just because a developer has a brilliant portfolio doesn’t mean you’ll get along or the project will work out well. Take the time to get to know one another and jump on a few calls to hash out ideas. You might not fit well together in the long run and that’s ok!

Think of it as hiring an additional employee to your company. You want to work with someone who believes in your company and app and enjoys what they’re doing. They will want to support your app long after it’s launch date and continue to provide maintenance and support to ensure it’s up to the standards your users require. You can check out our app design page to see how we follow through with projects to ensure they perfectly match your user.

They Are Careful Planners and Follow Timelines

A big part of app development is project management and following strict deadlines. To avoid scope creep and ever-expanding budget allocations, you need to choose developers who you can effectively communicate with. Knowing your budget and requirements from the offset vastly helps to alleviate these issues. How can you verify this? Ask them what communication tools they use, planning tools and software methodologies they follow. At TADCO, we’d be happy to chat to you about our project management techniques and how we can work together effectively.

Hire a Developer With Experience in iOS or Android

You might already know what platform you want to launch your app on, in which case it’s important to find a developer with the relevant experience because some development companies only work with one platform. In our other blog post, we spoke about which platform you should develop your app on, as both come with pros and cons. You might not know before you approach a company which platform to be on, in which case you should look for a development company that works with both iOS and Android. If it’s possible, look at their previous experience to assess how well they adhere to the codes of practice for both operating systems and how well those apps did. Here at TADCO, we work with both platforms to bring your app to your customers no matter what operating system they use.

The rush and excitement of developing a new app might be at the forefront of your needs, but taking the time to go through the process of finding the perfect app developer can save you time, stress and money in the long run! At TADCO, we can help clients with our diverse and varied team, who have lots of experience working in teams of different app types. Contact us today to discuss your app idea.