How to Improve Your Mobile App UX

Mobile App UX, or User Experience, is the perception the user has of your finished mobile app; how efficient it is, how easy it is to navigate, its discoverability and ability to complete what the user set out to achieve. User experience is more important now than ever before due to the amount of people on their mobile devices. It’s widely known that a bad mobile experience makes users less likely to engage with a company. But you’re in luck, because if you can ramp up your mobile experience with the following methods then you’re well on your way to keeping customers happy and improving your ratings.

3 Effective Ways to Improve Your Mobile App Experience

1. Easy Onboarding

After downloading the app, the user’s first taste of the app will be the onboarding process. Depending on the type of app you produce, you’re onboarding process will vary.

You might need your users to sign up and then log in. Using the path of least resistance is key here. Minimise the amount of information and fields they need to fill out in order to sign up. Make it as simple as possible for the user to log in, otherwise they will get frustrated and leave the app.

You may also want to highlight key functions or benefits of the app before they actually sign up, or at app start-up. Your app may be complicated or have many features so displaying these will be necessary. But don’t clog the screen or display too many functions as you could overwhelm the user.

2. Use Clear Error Messages and Provide Support

So your user has downloaded your app, signed up successfully and is having fun browsing through the various features and screens. But what if they stumble a little and need a little redirection? There is nothing wrong with users making mistakes but getting them back on the right track is imperative!

If your user needs to input details in a particular format (using capital letters, filling in emails with an “@” and “.com” or needs to fill in all required fields before moving on) be sure to guide them carefully. Giving your user prompts and displaying error messages gives your users the confidence to proceed through your app. If they become confused or annoyed they will quickly shut down the app and possibly move elsewhere.

3. Clear & Concise CTAs

Call-To-Action buttons are an often overlooked aspect of app development. When you’re developing your app, you know it inside out and where exactly you want to progress to… but your users don’t.

Use clear language that your audience is familiar with (or better again, language you know they’ve used because you’ve tested the app on them already) and isn’t riddled with jargon. Surrounding the buttons with white space, or highlighting the CTA in a colour that sets it apart from everything else on screen can make a huge difference to your user’s reactions. Place the CTA in an obvious location, and don’t make users go looking for it. Keep it above the fold where possible.

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