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If you know you want to develop a game solely for Apple’s iOS, here at TADCO we can cater to that. If you want to develop an app game to release on both iOS and Android, we can use Unity or other platforms that allow you to release to both the App Store and Google Play Store. The Google Play Store does have more overall downloads but if you know your users specifically download and play games on their iOS devices, then we can cater to this development. Not only can you create games for typical mobile phone devices, but you can also create games that are specifically for the small Apple watch screen too. Having mini games on offer is quite a niche market but something we also cater to. Not only that, but games account for half of the downloads on iOS so you can rest assured games are in high demand by Apple users. Unlike the Google Play Store, Apple charges $99 per year to keep your app on the App Store.

In order to create games specifically for iOS, we need to use the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called XCode and a programming language called Swift. Swift is the language Apple wants to move forward with in iOS development. It was developed in 2014 and made it open-source. Before Swift came along, Objective-C was the primary iOS language developer. Objective-C is over thirty years old and didn’t support modern technicalities and processes. They built Swift to support their new apps by being dynamic, extensible, late binding and safe. In order to run the latest version of XCode, you need to run it on Apple computers so all of our developers are equipped with the latest up to date Mac computers

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If you are searching for iOS mobile game designers or developers than look no further than TADCO. We go above and beyond, taking that extra step for our clients to ensure we deliver high quality games that don’t break the bank.


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When we are developing iOS apps we ensure mobile games are rendered in the right speed. We don’t always change the timers for specific actions as we know when they are being rendered in mobile games that this can make the gaming actions fall out of sync. To avoid this, we use the timer the gaming engine has provided and ensure we test carefully throughout the process.

We also always ensure that the mobile gaming app isn’t overloading all the memory resources on the mobile device as this would slow the mobile down immensely. In order to combat this we avoid using the png loading function of Apple’s GLSprite Demo. This usually eats into cache and slows down mobile performance.

Depending on the type of game you want to develop, we carefully choose the right development software for your iOS app. From GameMaker to Stencyl and LiveCode, which creates native games and apps that can be perfectly tailored to your user’s experience. If needs be, we can always employ the useful tools by developing with Unity or Unreal Development Kit too.

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