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Apple’s iOS has become one of the popular operating system in the smartphone sector. With recent security issues in Android, iOS has become the go to choice for many smartphone users who prefer iOS’s security and convenience over Android. At TADCO our people are experts in iOS application development and have been building applications since the time iPhone was launched.

When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone in 2007, it changed the way we look at phones and transformed an entire industry. It also gave birth to a new industry in the form of app development! Today, smartphone users are using an app to do everything from reading news to hailing a cab.

Apple’s App Store ecosystem facilitated over half a trillion dollars in commerce in 2019, which goes on to show that if you want to generate revenues, Apple’s App Store is the perfect platform to get started. A lot of startups like Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope started their successful rise by first launching on iPhone and then on other platforms. At TADCO our team are experts in building iPhone apps and have helped a lot of clients generate revenue from apps.

Our team of iOS app developers is global, made up of the very best app designers and developers in the world who create knockout iPhone apps. App design is critical to the success of an iOS app and we ensure that each design we create delivers a visually stunning experience while allowing the app to be extremely functional. We love to build iPhone apps that go beyond expectations and deliver a first class mobile experience.

TADCO is a full service iOS / iPhone app design and development company that designs and develops custom iPhone apps to launch into the App Store. We turn our clients ideas into visually stunning iPhone apps, ensuring that the design works to improve the function to the iOS app. We specialise in developing iPhone apps. Although we’re a multi-platform agency, iOS apps are the main game for us and we consider ourselves, for the most part, iPhone app developers.

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Our team has years of experience designing and developing mobile software

If you are searching for mobile app designers or developers than look no further than TADCO. We go above and beyond, taking that extra step for our clients to ensure we deliver high quality apps that don’t break the bank.


iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV apps

Apple’s iOS is the core engine that powers iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV devices. The entire set of Apple’s ecosystem runs on Apple’s iOS. That’s why, when you develop for iOS, you can target not only smartphones but also tablets, watches and TV apps. At TADCO our team has developed from scratch iOS applications that have been launched on all the above devices. We adapt ourselves to the ever changing mobile market and ensure we are up-to-date with the latest trends, so we can implement it in your app.

IoT Development

The Internet of Things is booming with increasing devices now getting connected to your phone and internet. Are you planning to release an IoT device and are looking for a reliable partner to take over the software part of your offering? At TADCO, our IoT developers have collaborated with many IoT device companies and created iOS apps for their devices. We also have experience working with iBeacons and Estimate beacons and can build an engaging app for your hardware strategy.

iPhone / iOS App Development That Generates Revenue

Stunning, Functional iOS App Design 

iPhone app development and design has exploded since the iPhone first hit the market in 2008. We know that successful apps really depend on the fluidity and dynamism of the software application design. Creating a superior user experience is what we are good at.

iPhone apps generate millions in revenue, surpassing other platforms together. We follow iOS’ strict standards and UX/UI flows and thematic structures are what we focus on in our applications. We make sure our team of iPhone app developers work to an exceptionally high standard using clean, cutting edge design.

Apple Store

Once you have your app ready, it is time to launch it to your audience. For your users, your app store listing will be the first time they will see your app. Hence it is important to treat this process with utmost care and attention.

We are well versed with App Store’s payment models, keywords and ads strategy. We make sure we use keywords that get your app on the top of the search list, and make your app discoverable. Last but not the least, we also set up screenshots and other assets that best position your app to be the next big idea.

Client focused – high quality iOS app design and development.

A simple template for all businesses

As compared to other platforms like Android or Windows, iPhone development means you don’t have to support a lot of devices. At any given point in the market, Apple only supports 3 devices ( Currently it is iPhone 6s, 6s+ and 7 ). And it is not only Apple, even customers buy these devices. Close to 90% of Apple’s ecosystem is on 3 devices.

This means when you build an app for iPhone, you have to target only 3 devices, as compared to say 6000+ devices on Android. This helps us create a quality app and focus our development efforts on the app rather than devices.

Apple’s app development is powered by Objective C and Swift. Swift is the new programming language on the block. At TADCO our dev team is well versed with Objective C as well as Swift. This means when we build your app you work with a team that knows the tools they are using inside out and can look forward to delivering a high performance app with quality code.

Let’s face it, you want to earn money from your users sooner or later, once you have launched your app. You can do this by putting ads inside your app or by placing in-app purchases. When it comes to money matters you can’t be lenient with the team you choose. Our team has worked with many clients to build revenue generating apps using these methodologies.

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We specialise in iOS App Design

We create visually stunning custom iPhone apps. Here’s why you should choose TADCO:

  • Industry leading global team of iOS app developers
  • The very best iOS app designers and developers
  • We follow Apple’s iOS strict standards and latest design trends

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