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With everything from light bulbs to smartwatches getting connected to the internet, The term “Internet of Things” has graduated from a buzzword to a $800 billion industry. Today with the advent of IoT, companies are increasingly looking to connect their products to the internet and allow users to access them from anywhere.

Due to this growing demand, it’s now important for companies to offer their customers an engaging experience via their product and make it smart. TADCO has the right set of experts as well as expertise to provide you with quality IoT development.

Benefit of Data

Did you know that almost 80% of data collected from usage of smart products are never used to inform business decisions? Most companies choose to go the IoT way because they want to be part of a trend and offer users an engaging experience, but the potentials are unlimited, if you look at using the data from smart products. For example, through continuous monitoring, you can monitor when your customer’s device might require maintenance. You can then schedule a maintenance and delight your customer with your service.

Hardware and Software Integration

To make your IoT product really smart, you will have to make use of hardware solutions like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other such solutions. But what use are they, if you are not able to monitor or control the product easily? We believe in full end to end integration, and can integrate data from your smart products with your in-house ERP or CRM systems.

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You have built your connected product and deployed it at your customer’s end but now begins the challenge of managing it at scale. Consider you sell a minimum of 1000 devices a month, the challenges and complexity that come with it are enormous. For ex, how to monitor the huge amount of data, and where do you store it? or say what enterprise systems should be connected? Answering these questions right and building a solution around it, will make your IoT strategy super successful. At TADCO our people are super good at that.

Earlier in 2016, close to a million IOT devices were hacked and were part of a huge botnet attack which brought down the entire Internet. It is bad publicity as well as a huge revenue loss, when the security of your IoT product is compromised. It creates a poor image and so it’s important to get security right. Strategies such as 2FA and End to End Encryption allow you to secure your users data and avoid any hacking incidents.

Building a concrete and successful IoT solution requires in-depth experience of building concrete and scalable solutions. At TADCO our team has 5+ years of experience building IoT systems and can help you with your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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