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Your search for top quality mobile app developers in Cork ends right here. At TADCO, we are a team of expert mobile app developers who understand mobile really well and have delivered high quality mobile applications, time and time again. Using our agile processes and high quality tools, we ensure that your mobile app is fine tuned and engaging so it gives you higher returns. Our team of consultants, designers and developers offer the highest quality, engaging and beautiful app design to individuals and businesses based in Cork.

Secure Applications

When it comes to mobile applications, users expect a high level of security. Any security loophole can make you lose trust with your users. That’s why, when you work with us, we guarantee mobile applications that are secure. Using techniques like end to end encryption and two factor authentication, we implement enterprise grade security. Our team of experts have worked for top banks, and leverage their experience with us.

Apart from this, we constantly monitor your app for any security loopholes and patch it as soon as it comes to light. With us you can rest assured that your customers data is safe and secure.

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Hybrid applications

When it comes to mobile applications, native is not the only way to go. In certain situations that demand a faster launch and multiple platforms you can go with hybrid applications. Hybrid applications are built with the power of HTML and Javascript, which run even on a lower end smartphone that has a browser. At TADCO we are experts in tools like SenchaPhonegap and Xamarin. Using these tools, we build high performance hybrid mobile apps.
Building hybrid apps also allow you to keep your costs low and launch to your market soon. Looking to validate your app idea in Cork at cheap cost? Hybrid apps are the way to go.

Mobile Training:

Once we are done with building your app and hand it over to you, we can train you up to maintain your app on a day to day basis. With the help of our pre recorded videos and custom backend software, you will always feel confident tackling any issues your apps might face. Ran into an issue that could not be debugged? Fret not, we are just a call away. We’ll step in when needed and help you solve any issues you might have with your app even after delivery.

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