Mobile app ideas for your business

Are you in a business that serves other businesses? Then you might acknowledge the challenge of building mobile apps for the B2B market. When it comes to building apps, there are a whole lot of ideas for B2C market but you can fall short of ideas for the B2B market. That’s why, while mobile usage is increasing in enterprises, far too less enterprises are keen on spending money on enterprise mobility.

At TADCO, having helped businesses with building mobile apps for their teams, we have an idea of what could work for businesses. In this article, we will share with you a few ideas that will help you target areas for which you can build a mobile app.

Supply Ordering app

Are you in the retail business or for that matter any business, that sells products to businesses? A Supply Ordering app could be the perfect use case for you. An app that could list all the products that you offer to businesses, so they can just click on products and send you an order. A bonus feature could be adding products to cart just by scanning their barcode.

This would save time for your users and increase business for you, as mobile is readily accessible among the workforce.

Event App

Do you have an upcoming event or conference for your business? Chances are you would want to conduct registrations, show speaker list and other services. Building an event app for events makes the hard work of logistics easy for you, as almost everything from Speaker registration to seating arrangement can be handled from a mobile app.

Your attendees as well as your volunteers will thank you for the automation and your event will work smoothly without a glitch.

Portfolio App

Are you in the business of media or any business where you have to showcase your portfolio to clients? A portfolio app for tablets or mobiles would be something that would highlight your expertise to your clients. Simply put, this app is something your clients could download and view in detail each of your portfolios. As an added advantage, you can showcase videos as well as rich animations, which you could never do on websites.

This would work highly for you as clients would be impressed by the uniqueness of your idea to showcase your portfolio.

Employee Management

Last but not the least, you can build an app for your internal teams. Do you have a team that is increasingly becoming mobile? If yes, you would know the pains of using your CRM. The main trouble sometimes is that you can only access it from company’s network. What if your employees are working from home or at a client’s place?

Using a mobile app, which connects to your CRM, you can help employees do the tasks no matter what time or what location they are in.

We hope these ideas have ignited the creativity inside you. Are you looking for an expert team that can deliver enterprise apps to increase your productivity and revenue? Look no further than TADCO – a leading mobile app development agency based in Ireland. Contact us today for a free consultation session.