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In an era of mobile applications, the web has managed to stay relevant and plays an important role. People still use web applications for many of their day to day uses. In fact, a poll by, reports that more than 90% of CIO’s have navigated to a subscription model from a proprietary license model. Gone are the days when you had to load software on a disc, maintained by in-house IT team. Today, thanks to the power of cloud, organisations can build web applications as a SAAS model (Software as a Service) and reach their users effectively.

All in the Cloud

With the emergence of Cloud computing, there are various options today to host your application. Our experts have built and hosted applications on top of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Backspace Cloud and Heroku. We not only develop your SAAS for you, but also come up with the right scaling plan when users start using your app in millions. Our team has developed and deployed high performing web apps at scale using the power of Cloud.

Mobile Responsive

With the growth of mobile applications your web apps are not just going to be opened on a desktop PC. Instead they’ll be used on devices of all shapes and sizes. Our team of expert UI and UX designers ensure that your app is responsive and performs well on different mobile devices. Leverage the power of device lab that has 50+ devices, to test your applications on all sort of device sizes and frames.

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Scalable, Functional SAAS (Software As A Service) Development

With the power of servers and continuous deployment methods, if your application were to face any issues we can quickly solve your issues and deploy a new version on the server within a matter of minutes. You don’t have to worry about any app store approvals or callback any software CDs. With the power of cloud in your hand, your software can be deployed instantly at any minute anywhere throughout the globe.

Pay as you go
Companies increasingly are shifting to the pay as you go model for all of their tools like billing, CRM, customer service etc. With the rise of payment services like Paypal, Stripe and Braintree – you can easily charge your users on a monthly basis, thereby ensuring revenue on a monthly basis. At TADCO our team are well versed in integrating all types of payment gateways. We go above and beyond our services to ensure your app performs well in terms of revenue.
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