Secret Sauce to Building Highly Engaging apps

In this age of fickle attention, it is increasingly becoming difficult to capture users attention. According to a research survey, smartphone users on an average download 20-30 apps, but only use 3-4 apps on a regular basis. What is it that makes these apps tick? What magic sauce do they use that makes the user come back again and again?

The secret to building highly engaging apps is… there is no secret. That’s correct. The majority of apps that are really engaging have reached that stage by iterating and polishing themselves. At TADCO our team has developed several successful apps over the years, and supporting them – we have noted that there are a few things that set the engaging apps apart.

Familiar User Experience

User Experience is the overall experience of a person using your product. Highly engaging apps have figured out UX by designing something familiar to user’s expectation. As an experiment, think of the 5 apps you use on a daily basis. Think about the moment you used it for the first time. Did you think a lot while using the app? or did everything come to you naturally.

Having an easy to use UX ensures that the user’s first impression makes them familiar with the app. If you are building an app that requires training, use in-app tutorials that train the user about sections of your app.

Talk to the Users

This is an important step when on your path to build an highly used app. Talk to your users on a daily basis. Engage with them. While at a huge level this is not possible, when you are small you can definitely do this. The founders of AirBnB went to each and every customer in New York when they started and talked to them and asked for feedback. Needless to say, that strategy has worked for them and today they are a billion dollar unicorn company.

Engaging with users can be done using

  1. In-app support channels like chat, email
  2. Twitter and other social media
  3. Push notifications

When you engage with the users on a daily basis they feel compelled to use your app because they have seen your app name come up somewhere. At the same time, extreme care should be taken to ensure you are not spamming them to the point that they delete you.

Track Performance

Another way apps become highly engaging is by tracking their performance on a daily basis. Using tools like Fabric, they analyse how their users are using the app and where it is crashing. On average, aim for 98% crash free experience with your users.

When users of your app experience crashes, you can fix it before they report to you and delight them by solving their issues. A rock-solid app keeps your users happy and won’t frustrate them.

Do you have an app that does all these things? If you haven’t employed them, employing these processes can get you more engagement. At TADCO, our experience of building engaging apps has bought our clients millions of downloads and we are sure we can deliver the same to your app idea. Contact us today to talk about your app idea.