Three Things you should ask your development team

So you have an app idea but you don’t know how to build it. You decide to hop online, search for development agencies, read through websites and make some calls – you finally shortlist a few teams who you think can build your app. Now you are faced with the inevitable question… How do you pick the best development team?

When it comes to picking a good mobile app development team you should look for experience as well as a team with “Get-it-done” attitude. Based on our experience with clients who have been diligent with us before choosing us, we underline the questions you should ask your development team before choosing them.

Do they have experience building apps?

While this might seem obvious, you have to understand that apps come in all shapes and sizes. What you should really ask the team is if they have experience building apps similar to yours?

Do you think your app is going to need an in-app payment module? Ask the team if they built an app where they have built in-app payment feature before? And if yes, ask them how they implemented it and what were the challenges when they built it.

A lot can be judged by the way they answer the question. If they offer detailed notes chances are they know their stuff very well. If they don’t, chances are they will learn on the fly, on your money. Always go for the former team. At TADCO we are well versed with developing almost all modules for mobile apps, and are confident we can answer your queries honestly and transparently to the best of our knowledge.

Do they have an in-house device lab?

Often developers build their apps and test it on their simulators and release the app in the wild. This is not optimal. In real life, there are hundreds of different devices running different OS. As such, your app is bound to fail in one of these scenarios.

We have an in-house device lab, that has more than 50+ Android and iOS devices on different OS. Together these devices cover 95% of the mobile market today. Ask your development team if they have an in-house device lab, where they test the app on actual devices. If yes, how many devices do they support.

Answer to this might show how professional they are. Supporting more than 20+ Android devices and 10+ iOS devices is the mark of an expert development team.

Do they offer support?

Once the app has been developed and launched on the App Store, do they offer maintenance? This is an important question to ask because your app requires continuous monitoring and maintenance to ensure your users are happy.

As such when the app is released, does your team offer 30 day free bug fix guarantee (Like we do at TADCO)? Do they provide training and documentation on your code base so you can handle it without regressions? A good team should be able to provide all of these without any issues.

While there are a lot of questions to ask your development team, these 3 questions really set the tone of a great understanding and help you build a great relationship with the team. At TADCO, having developed countless such relationships, we are proud to be one of Ireland’s leading app development agencies. Contact us today to get your app development needs sorted out.